A Week With Me - Failing Exams and Sick Family

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Want to know what I've been up to this past week? Check it out!

Holy shit you guys, what is happening with youtube and all the Wall Street Journal drama? H3H3 Productions exposed one of them and then had to delete the video for a misinformation,but still, the whole situation is pretty shitty.
Also the whole entire OurMine hack thing was a complete mess.

Like all Mondays, today was also pretty shitty. The only difference is that this particular Monday was extra shitty because I failed the driver license theorical exam and now I have to repeat it. And I have to pay extra for it.
AND thanks to that now my driver license plans will have to be delayed for a little while.
I was also extra nervous for all of this, and I was so unwell that I nearly threw up. Not a nice view, I know, but welcome to my life.
Overall it was a really slow day. I am addicted to Frank Ocean's latest song though. If you haven't listened to it yet, consider give it a listen:

 Today was the relaunch of my blog and I was pretty excited about it. I was still recovering from yesterday's disappointment but oh well.... What can I do?
I am also pretty excited for the release of IT. I saw the trailer yesterday and I really need to make a weekly faves about it. Maybe I'll do it for tomorrow, I really want to share my opinion with you!
It was a slow day. I'm a little bit worried about the job hunting situation, I send a lot of resumes but no feedback yet. I sent one last week for a really important position, and I am a bit nervous about it. The end of the openings will be tomorrow so probably I will have any feedback Friday. Just.... Pray for me, okay?

Today I also posted my first Weekly Faves ,and I hope you guys liked it!
Now off to write a little bit more for tomorrow. Movie Review: Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Yeah, I didn't write anything on Thursday because I was a little busy with some personal problems, but I can keep you up to date about it.
My mom has been quite sick for the past few weeks. She has been feeling dizzy and since last week she doesn't feel confident enough to leave home without someone by her side. I mean, she leaves, but she feels so uncomfortable, that she feels like she is about to pass out.
And one of those moments happened with me. We were on the street and she almost fell. Not a good moment, let me tell you.
With this all, I have been quite scared and worried and just.... You know? Really, really worried. I lost my dad almost two years ago, I literally live on the verge of fear.

me, always

But things are a little better. On Friday she was feeling a lot better and she even had the energy to clean some windows around the house (that's the moment when you know that my mom is great).
But yeah, these two days were pretty much doctors and medications. She went to her doctor on thursday and the medication started doing something on Friday.

My mom is feeling a bit worse today, but overall it is being a good day. I also had a different treatment yesterday on my shoulder problem, and I am a bit hurt from it. So we are both recovering. I am thinking about watching Logan today.
I want to make a review for it next week, Thursday 20th, and I pretty excited about it, have been reading some great things about it!
Do you recommend it?
I also want to give Manchester By The Sea a go...
Maybe Tomorrow.
And that was all for this week! Quite the week!
I think that it went on too fast. I haven't been feeling like this for a while now. But that's a good thing to me personally 😃

See you next Monday with a new post!

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  1. My license plans have been postponed indefinitely because I never even showed up for the driving test XD. The date coincided with my departure date to Malaysia. You’ll be fine though. You have all the time in the world to get ready and try again. It sucks to have to pay again but I’m sure you’ll be better prepared next time.

    And good luck with your job hunting! Fingers crossed <3

    I hope your mom’s is feeling better. Get well soon, both of you <3 <3 <3

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