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Just a quick little note before we begin today's post. I know that last week I did not uploaded a new "Week With Me". 
It's not that I was missing topics, but last weekend was Easter and I was pretty busy.
This week things will get back to normal.

Hello everybody!

I was going to make a post about myself today, but the King of Petty and Miss Ego Onision decided to post a video this weekend, pretty much bashing idubbbz and PewDiePie. But not only them, also their fans.

First off, I am going to leave his video here, since he so wants that ad revenue cash.

Before I begin, I want to make a quick disclaimer. I will be very biased in this rant. Yes, I used to be a viewer of Onision, but I will explain to you why I am not a viewer anymore further in the post.

So, if you didn't want to watch the video, which I hope you do, basically Onision claims that idubbbz content is not good, he doesn't upload regularly, he is racist, and he - along with Pewds - are the reason the big corporations decided to quit Youtube, and the ad placements.

Now, I won't be making a huge post out of this, so I am going to make a few pin points that I thought he fucked up the entire video pretty much. He says that he will most likely receive hate from children with no backup information on his "facts" but guess what?
There is a lot of back up information.

  • First off he says that idubbbz is not creative, and that he is a stalker, and his channel will eventually die because his fans are moved by trends. 
Creativity is debatable. Do I think opening packages is a creative video? No. But I also don't think story times are creative either. But if the person in the video is funny and makes you forget about your problems for a few minutes, that makes me want to watch more of it. 
You also said that he is a stalker because he went to Tana Mongeau's show. He himself said that it was weird. On his Content Cop, he said that what he did can be considered stupid and not funny. But the outcome of the situation was funny. The way that she reacted was funny. And also he only has beef with people that attacks him first most of the time.
The channel thing is a little bit dumb. It is dumb because Youtube was always made out of trends. You have Smosh, Fred, Annoying Orange, Buckley, iJustine. All of these channels were once a trend. Now, they are kind of a part of the past. NigaHiga is quite the lucky guy in the middle of all the old channels. People grow and get really 

  • Then you said probably the thing that made the whole video make sense and you said something that destroyed your entire monologue "FilthyFrank does what I've been doing for years and is more successful than me. He is funnier than me"
Yes Greg. Joji Miller really is funnier than you. Have no doubt about it. 
Now, I told you in the disclaimer that I used to be a viewer of Onision. I used to watch his skits. But he started to die in me, in the moment that his dramas were bigger than his talent.
And here is the main difference between Greg and Joji.
Joji's channel, TVFilthyFrank is entertaining. He makes no hate comments on other content creators, he has no beef with anybody. He is super peaceful and friendly. He made a damn show and meet and greet for free. FOR FREE!!!
And what did you do? Started a Patreon because "Pewdiepie and idubbbz are destroying his finances". Started dramas with Shane Dawson, Cyr, your girlfriends, your wife, you exposed personal info of an underage girl, you started drama with Dan Howell because he knows that you are a drama queen and didn't even mentioned you on a live stream and you got pissy. You annoyed idubbbz once, and because he doesn't make content cops on people that beg for him to do them (see RiceGum) you decided to make a petty 18 minute video for views.
Yes Greg. I would unsubscribe for you and subscribe for Joji (which I already am btw) in a blink of an eye!

  • You then proceeded to bash idubbbz a little bit more, call him racist, and made a really shitty ultimatum to your viewers. "If you are subscribed to me and to them, either choose them or me" and then the most interesting thing: he says that people should subscribe to Danisnotonfire because he has "cute British vlogs".
Calling Ian a racist is the most stupid thing in the world. If you watched Content Cop Tana Mongeau, you will see that Ian makes a quick refference to this, and he shows a clip that he himself doesn't think it is a funny thing to be called out "NiggerFaggot".
I am sorry, but this whole video smells like jealousy to me. 
You gave it all away with the Joji part in my opinion.
And then the ultimatum. 
As I said before, I would rather subscribe to people who show characters on camera, and are actually great people in real life, than have my subscription to a drama queen 30 year old who has a child of his own but still behaves like one.
Interesting the Dan Howell part. I am subscribed to Dan Howell and Phil Lester, but let's be serious, first off Dan doesn't give a fuck about Onision, and second, he said at the beggining of the video that idubbbz wasn't a good youtuber because he didn't uploaded regularly. But what about Dan??? He pretty much uploads videos once a month!!! (and yes I am complaining because I want more Dan Howell in my life, who am I kidding?!)

Greg, just please leave this drama to 12 year olds because nobody really gives a fuck about you anymore.
As Papa Franku says:

But at least this drama made me a new post.
So at least there's that.

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