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Hello guys!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

To be honest, I had no idea of what I was going to write on Gossip Monday, as last week I didn't found a juicy topic.

But then it hit me: The Ricegum/ GabbieShow drama.

First off let me clarify this: I am not a fan of neither.

But I wanted to make this post here because I even commented on a Scarce video, I mean, I went all in!

So, if you live away from Youtube crap, basically Ricegum was at a birthday party and Gabbie was Snapchatting and so she decided to "roast"or should I say "entice" him for a diss track, and he was way too annoyed and smashed her phone and scratched her arm.
This was pretty much WWIII and Ricegum even made a diss track and accused Gabbie of making him look as if he is a "woman beater".
Below, you have her entire snap story and here you can watch RiceGum interview on Scarce's channel.

Now here's my point of view of all this.

First of all, she is close friends with Tana Mongeau. If you also don't know who Tana is by the name, you probably know her by this meme:

This makes me very suspicious of Gabbie already, but you can be different from your friends, so I am not at all calling her a liar, especially when Ricegum himself admited the phone situation. And on the Snap Stories you can see scratches.
Is she telling the full truth? Is she embelishing for views? Maybe, but she's still the victim at the end of the day.

NOW WHAT PISSES ME OFF is the fact that Ricegum is constantly defending the fact that he smashed a phone. A phone is personal property, and according the the american laws he can be arrested from that. Especially if you are incident with this sort of issues! Which Ricegum is! Because it is not the first time that he smashes other people's phones just for a tantrum!
To me it sounds super super childish!

Now at the end of last week, the king of phone smashing tweeted this:

Hum.... Ricegum... Sweetie. Just don't. You know who also was dying for a Content Cop? Onision. And if he is still waiting for it, he must be looking like this:

Just accept the fact that trends come and go, and yours just went away.
Go with it.
Don't do drama; don't be a queen douche about it; just go away.
With Idubbbz you know for a fact that if you are begging for a Content Cop you won't have a Content Cop. You made a video back in 2016 after the Leafy drama "begging" for one, and I guess we could all say that the skeleton above looks a lot like you. And it will look like that for a long ass time dude.
Ian doesn't give you views, he destroys your entire career. Check Tana above.

To be honest this pettiness gives me joy. People get offended so easily, it's sad. Mostly for views, Which is even more sad in my opinion.
Keep 'em coming, though. More topics for me 😉

I want to know your opinion: do you agree? Disagree? Leave your comments below!

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