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As promised yesterday on my Twitter, I am bringing you all a fresh new review! This time, of a Netflix Series!

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Thirteen Reasons Why
Netflix Original, based on the mistery book: 'Thirteen Reasons Why', by Jay Asher

Plot: This series follows teenager Clay Jensen, in his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah, and her decision to end her life.

Starring: Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen, Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker, Christian Navarro as Tony



I cannot give you the full insight on the series/book comparison, but I can tell you that I thought it was a very detailed storyline.

I believe it is a series that every single teenager, parent, person, should watch. It makes you think about your position in the world. What type of person are you. How do you treat others. How just a small word can mean the world to someone. Or can just break that person's entire self esteem.

This series can be relatable to a huge variety of people, because it focus on several topics, on several types of bullying, not just the cliché one. And that is very interesting and unique in a series.
The way you are envolved with the main character, trying to solve the puzzle, trying to know who is next, kind of makes you feel like you are in a book. That is a reason why I am happy Netflix made this series, because if you were made to wait for the next week to know who's next, I would die!

Did it touched me on a personal level? Yes, yes it did.
Episode 7, and I promise I won't spoil, but to me that tape hit me right in my heart.
I cried on two episodes. The last one, and Tape 4 Side A - Episode 7.

As Hannah says, he broke her spirit. And I had someone in my life doing that exact thing to me.
Friends can be poisoning, if you don't have a personality. I was that unlucky girl that liked that guy that maybe was just as lost as her.
Seeing that episode was not seeing the characters on the screen, it was seeing myself. Sorta. She behaved a little better than I did. She faced him, I didn't.

Would I recommend it? Of course I do!
Everybody should watch this, in my opinion.
Favorite character I would say Tony.
I know most people disagree on my character preferences, but Tony is a little like me when it comes to friendship. I may be constantly sad, unmotivated, not in a good mood. But if you are my friend, I somewhow am ready to give you advice. He kinda looks like mommy Tony. I really like him. AND he has a pretty awesome looking Mustang. DAMN! I want it!

Now I want to hear you!
Have you watched it? Did you liked it? Will you plan on watch it?

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