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Welcome guys!

I hope you all are doing amazing!

Today will be the first real post on the new weekly themes. Excited?

And today I bring you some things that really stood out for me.

The first one really has to be Kendrick Lamar's new song and music video H.U.M.B.L.E.

First off, the music is amazing!
The whole aesthetic of the music video is on point.
And the camara work in it is fantastic.
I really understand the hipe behind this music video because when I watched it, I repeated it for a 100 times and believe me! It is my most played song for the week!

Also in the topic of music, the return of Gorillaz got me so stocked, and the music video for Saturn Barz is something really out of this planet! If you want to read more I'll leave you with my friend's post by clicking here and she will tell you a bit more about it!

Lana Del Rey also released a teaser trailer for her new album Lust For Life, which made me so but so! Excited!!! She looks super cute in it, and the words that she uses are just fantastic. She really is a work of art!

Cinema wise, the trailer for the new movie IT, based on the Stephen King novel got me very expectant for it. The trailer seems to follow the novel pretty well, but!
I always get a little suspicious about remakes and so I will only say "I LOVE IT" when I see the whole thing.

Spider Man also had it's debut official - if we can call it that - trailer, and yes, that one I really am convicted that Tom Holland will be a fantastic Spider Man!

I am putting a lot of faith on Tom Holland and I believe that he will make justice.

And that's all for this week favorites. What about you? Do you agree with me? Do you have a favorite that I missed? Leave your comments below!

And I'll see you tomorrow with a movie review!!!

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