Welcome Back!

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Hello everybody!

And welcome to our new home!

It felt really good having a little time to organize and think about the blog. What I was doing right, what I was doing wrong and how could I make it a little bit different from what it was.

On March 28th it was the 2nd aniversary of this blog. And I think that it is fair to say that this will be a birthday present. Not only for me, but for all of you.
If you've been here since the beginning, or if you just found this little web space, thank you for stopping by, and for making my day a little bit better and less lonely.

Now you might ask: what is going to change around here?

And I will tell you with the words: pretty much everything!
I have a new schedule that will be strictly followed from now on. If something happens (or I somehow find a job and that way the time will be less for me) there could be some changes, but when that time comes, there will be a new post telling you the new schedule.
But for now this is what is going to happen around here. Do you have a pen and a paper? Take notes!

MONDAY: Gossip Monday - this posts will basically consist of me talking about a certain hot topic that stuck to me around the week. It can be movie related, technology, celebrites, music, or subjects combined. It will be a chill spot for us to debate or say what we think about certain things!

WEDNESDAY: Weekly Favorites - Kind of like the one above, but more what I think about certain things. If a certain trailer came out and I liked it, I can tell you about it. If a music came out and I am digging it, prepare for a post about it.

EVERY TWO THURDAYS: Movie Review - I had this concept before, but now it will be more updated and more "on schedule". I made it every two weeks so that way I don't feel like a movie snob around here.

SATURDAY: A Week With Me: Yes, it is what that sounds. Every single day of the week I will write something that happened to me, or how I felt, and every Saturday you will have the chance to sneak a peak on my (pretty boring) life! Let's say I am pretty excited about this one.

SOUNDS OF THE MONTH: Remember the Top10 that we had around here? Now that will now be called Sounds of The Month and on every 2nd or 3rd of each month we will discuss music. Either new sounds, or the sounds that kept me hiped for the month.

There can be bonus posts during the week that I feel that could be shared. Or post that don't fit any of these categories.

Pretty busy week around here, right?
Well, I hope you guys will enjoy my new blog.
Tell me in the comments: did you liked it?
And yes, tomorrow there will be Weekly Favorites!

See you tomorrow guys!

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  1. Congrats on your return to the blogging world and your new blogging projects. I’m especially looking forward to your movie reviews. Your ‘a week with me’ post idea also sounds pretty cool 😊

    My latest post: The Beauty and the Beast Book Tag (Original)