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Hello everybody!

I hope you all are doing amazing!

Well, I've been quite busy for the last few days, and this week will be quite caotic. My little munchin' parakeet has a problem on her beak, and tomorrow we will go to the doctor to see if she can get fixed.

Meet the princess of the house, and the biggest lover of apples in this world

But I actually decided to write today, because I told you guys that if the schedule was going to change, I would tell you guys all about it.

So yes, this is one of those posts.
The topics won't change though, but I won't be 100% strict with the schedule, and here is the reason why.
I started blogging with the intent to vent, and some weeks shit is so boring, I see no reason to post.

I also want to make random posts about things that happen around the world, and they don't fit the topics, and it is a complete mess.

So this is just a little update, don't expect this week to be full of posts, but if something that bothers me happens, I will probably do something about it.

Everytime I feel that I have something important to add, I'll do it. Which means that I can be even fresher when it comes to ranting.
And it also means that I don't have a schedule to be obliged to do things. Which I dislike in hobbies..

But expect a new post either today or tomorrow. A rant to be more specific😉

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