Sounds Of The Month - April Edition

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Hello everybody!

And welcome to the first ever sounds of the month of this blog!

This post will be based of what I have been listening to during this month, and my critics to releases and artists and stuff like that. This post will also include a spotify playlist at the end of it.

So let's begin because I feel that this post will be huge!

First off, I have been listening to Kendrick Lamar latest album DAMN. I probably talked about this album way too much around here, but it's never enough to tell you that I am in love with it.
The meaning behind each lyric and the beats to the entire videos, I mean.... I am amazed by Kendrick at this point.

Another release was Chainsmokers "Memories... Do Not Open". Okay, I know I might be having a little bit of backlash, but to me, Chainsmokers sound the same in each song. The beats are the same, the tempos are pretty much the same, the context of the songs are pretty much the same and even though they tried to be themselves only, without the collabs in this album, their popular songs ARE collabs. But I won't be a hipocrite here, I have been listening to Paris a lot. Aaand I kinda like it better than Something Just Like This feat. Chis Martin from Coldplay.

Gorillaz was a huge and pleasant surprise. Their sound a bit different, but to me Gorillaz have thir own genre of music and I love how Damon mixes several types of genres. It is amazing to me.
I love pretty much all of the musics from Humanz, but my favorite has to be Ascension. Also the album cover with the characters in 3D is a mixture of creepy with amazing.

And because I still haven't give my opinion yet, Drake's More Life is pretty amazing in my opinion, despite the XXXTentacion beef with the usage of the beat of "Look At Me" without his consent.

And that's pretty much it!
Honorable mentions to Frank Ocean Chanel, Calvin Harris, Maroon 5 and Future and the viral Despacito, but the original one, not the Justin Bieber one.

You can check out all of my fave songs of the month below!
Thanks for reading!


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